Diva – A female singer with an opera company, who performs a leading role.  Not to be confused with “Prima donna”.  Diva can be a complimentary term…I tend to view it that way!  A Prima Donna has to have her own way in every circumstance…a Diva just knows that world revolves around her!

Natalie – a diva who has a great sense of humor, laughs a lot, and tries NOT to be a Prima Donna.

Soprano – A singer whose range is the highest of all the voice types.  Typically sings the top part of 4-part vocal music.  Many lower voice parts complain that sopranos cannot count properly.  Sopranos assume that they enter at the correct moment and others will follow their lead.

Natalie – a soprano with as wide a “range” of interests as her voice type will allow!  Natalie has sung opera, classical art song repertoire, musical theatre and jazz (big band) music.  She has performed in Italy, Brasil and Great Britain and enjoys performing with orchestras…she performed with both the Port Angeles Symphony and the Seattle Philharmonic in 2011.  Check out her resume and repertoire page.

Actress – the female version of “actor”…a woman who performs roles in plays onstage. Can be comedy or drama.

Natalie – an actress who has perfomed a variety of roles in dramatic and comedic theatre, musical theatre and opera.  Natalie’s students know she’ll get on her “soapbox” about acting while singing…”if you don’t say/mean something with the words you are singing, why bother at all?”  Check out her resume page.

Teacher – one who imparts knowledge he/she has gained to persons of similar interest.

Natalie – a teacher at Cornish College of the Arts, who hopes to give her Cornish and private students (Kirkland studio) great vocal technique, the ability to communicate the message and emotion of the song, gain confidence on stage and have fun – all while singing!

If you have read this far, I hope you’ll check out other parts of my website and give me your feedback.  If you are looking for a professional musician, who sightreads well, enjoys the rehearsal process and brings out the best in the musicians around her, please contact me!  Read on, MacDuff….